New Emerging Company Will Help Representatives Pay Their Mortgage

Are you a homeowner? homeAre you currently paying a mortgage? Owning your own home has always been a big part of the American Dream. Many of us strive to reach this goal. If you are on path to attaining this goal then you know the struggles one can face keeping up with a mortgage payment in today’s economy. Often times our daily 9-5 jobs do not provide us with enough income to live comfortably let alone work toward owning our own home in the process. Many of us turn to additional income streams to help make our dreams a reality. There are many alternative income possibilities but a lot of times we simply don’t have the extra time to involve ourselves with making that extra money. There is a new business opportunity emerging that can net you a good amount of extra income without turning it into another 9-5 gig. And whats more…this company will help you pay your home mortgage!


The company is called VidaDivina. It’s a new emerging direct sales and marketing company in the health and wellness field. This company mortgageallows you to make extra income in a couple of different ways. Earn money through direct sales or through team building representatives for the company. The company can be worked part time along side of a 9-5 job for some extra income. This is perfect for those who are working a full time job already and don’t have a lot of time to commit to another income stream. This company can also be worked by heavy hitters as a full time career and has the potential for very large income.

The pay scale is rank based and once a representative hits a certain pay, the company will start paying a monthly mortgage payment to the principle balance of your home mortgage! This is pretty much unheard of. Does your current job offer to pay your mortgage? I’m willing to bet that it does not. The mortgage bonuses start at $500/month and go all the way up to $3,000/month. This makes it very possible for anyone to live that dream of owning their own home and doing it very quickly at that.

The companies primary goal is to provide a health and wellness product line with an extensive variety of products on the market. Direct sales representatives can sell these products for a hefty profit in their spare time or as a full time career. Vida Divina has a very impressive pay plan that rivals any in the industry. There are over 10 ways to get paid with this comp plan including the home mortgage bonus.

Check out this direct sales and network marketing company for a chance to earn that extra income or ditch your daily grind of 9-5 and get into this full time. Earn more money than your job is paying you for less hours worked and get your home mortgage payed off! Now you cant go wrong with that.